Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Traditions

I've mentioned it before, but just to reiterate, I really love Fall! There's something so cozy and warm about it. The weather isn't so sticky and hot anymore, and it's replaced by cool, crisp weather that is perfect for bonfires! Fall also brings out my love for traditions. I have really enjoyed carrying on traditions that Jordan and I both loved as kids, as well as finding new ones to add to our own family of two. I'm including a few Fall traditions that we look forward to every year, and I would love to hear some of your favorites!

  1. Apple picking
As kids, we both enjoyed apple picking with our families and everything that goes along with it. Getting lost in a corn maze, running from bees that are chasing after your cake donut, and sneezing from playing in the barn of hay are just a few things that everyone loves, right?! As adults, we don't get the pleasure of enjoying those exact experiences anymore. But, I love the relaxing time we get to spend with family while gathering ingredients for all of the Fall favorites that I'll be cooking up.

2. Making Applesauce
I really like applesauce, but when it's homemade I absolutely love it. For one, it tastes like dessert, and who doesn't love dessert?! And two, it reminds me of being at my grandma's house, and I always love to be at her house. My mother-in-law was generous enough to share her delicious applesauce recipe with me when Jordan and I first got married and that is the recipe that I've used ever since. I shared it here on a previous blog post.

3. Baking
I've always enjoyed cooking and makes me feel like I'm contributing something healthy and beneficial to our daily lives, and I find very relaxing. I'd probably enjoy it even more if my kitchen magically cleaned itself afterward! This year I baked more than I typically do and tried some new recipes from Pinterest. I also tried my hand at making homemade bread for the first time which turned out DELICIOUS!

4. Bonfires
I waited three and a half long years for my very own fire pit to put on our back patio. I spent way too much time drooling over Pottery Barn magazines and the outdoor paradise that they created on every page. So, needless to say, I was very excited when we finally purchased one this year, along with an outdoor sofa. There's no better way to kick off the Fall season than curled up on a sofa with a warm fire  going while you drink hot apple cider.

5. Fall Cleaning
That's right....I just said cleaning. I am one of those people who finds so much joy in cleaning and organizing. It makes me feel as if all is right with the world and my own little corner of paradise is in order. I am also the type of person who thinks that homes need a deep cleaning more than just once a year. In preparation for all of the extra time we'll be spending inside the house over the next several months, I like to deep clean, organize, and purge our house. You can read my list of Fall cleaning tips HERE.

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