Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Foster Care Announcements

I recently shared some pictures from our foster care photo shoot, and you can see those pictures here. We knew that we wanted to send announcements to our family and friends to share our exciting news and give everyone some insight into how our lives are about to change. We knew that everyone would have questions and be curious as to our decision and we wanted to keep everyone as informed as possible, without having to re tell the same story 100 times :) 

On the back of our cards we included a special note asking for prayers, expressing our thanks and explaining a little about the foster care journey.

"There are many ways to build a family, and we have chosen to build our family through foster care. Over 11,000 children are currently in foster care in the state of Ohio, and over 2,500 of those children are waiting to be adopted.

We hope to have the opportunity to become the forever, adoptive family to our foster child(ren). But, we know that just like a biological child, we are not guaranteed any certain number of days with him/her. We want to be thankful for whatever time we are given.  The love we have for our future children has been growing in our hearts for a long time. They are our real, chosen, beloved son/daughter for whom we would give our lives for.

Every child's story is unique. We hope that you will be respectful of the children's stories that are in our home by not asking a lot of questions of their history and giving them the opportunity to share their story as they grown older. We are thankful for your kindness and support and appreciate your prayers during this exciting transition in our lives."


  1. What an awesome idea! From one foster mom to another, my prayers are with you as you say yes to this calling.

  2. What a great idea! I'm in Ohio too. Always glad to 'meet' more foster moms in our state!

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to come across your post. My husband and I are also in the process of becoming foster parents in Indiana. I love your idea of making an announcement and taking the opportunity to lay some groundwork for when you finally have kids in your home. I'll be visiting your blog to see how it goes for you all. God bless, Kensie
    - If you would like to see our story, here's a link to my blog. http://makingalife-kensie.blogspot.com/ All my posts on our foster care journey are tagged "fostering"