Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mountains of Paperwork

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Anyone that has gone through the foster care and/or adoption process understands what I mean when I say that there is a mountain of paperwork required throughout the licensing process. I knew going into the process that there would be extensive applications, forms, papers etc. but I don't think that I fully grasped it. We walked out of our first class (of 10) with a stack of probably 200 pages worth of reading material. Little did we know that it was just the beginning. At this point, it feels as if we've done nothing but sign our names, answer questions and fill out personal information for weeks.

We have 2 classes remaining and have turned in our first few rounds of paperwork. I was so excited to hand our licensing specialist our application that I had spent hours completing. I could see that the end was near and suddenly all of that time spent reading and writing didn't feel so bad! However, that excitement was short lived when she handed me another stack of papers with a list of additional documents required by us. Jordan and I spent the next evening filling out 9 more pages of paperwork…each. 

We've had to dig up birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificate, proof of vaccinations on our dog, financial records, mortgage and insurance records, car documents, proof of health from our doctors…..and this list goes on. I joked that we'll never be more prepared for a disaster than upon finishing our licensure.

In addition to all of the paperwork that we've completed thus far, we each have to write a 4-6 page autobiography. I'm not sure I'm old enough to have a 6 page autobiography! Jordan reminds me daily that all of this work will be more than worth it in the end, so until then we have to keep on writing!

I understand that paperwork comes with the territory in this line of parenting and that it'll only increase as times goes on. However, I'm trying to ignore that little piece of information at the moment!

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