Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bookcase Redo

Since we're trying to completely redecorate and furnish two bedrooms (a nursery and a toddler bedroom), it was essential that I try and use what I had on hand or what I could buy fairly cheap. I wanted all of the furniture and decor to look great and be high quality, without the "high quality" price tag! So, I decided to try my hand at re doing an old bookcase that my mom gave me. After 8 hours of sanding, priming and painting (no joke!), I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out. I will admit, the hardest part was actually starting the project. Once I got going, it was more time consuming than difficult. 

Here is the break down of cost:
Bookcase: FREE (best price of all)
Paint: around $35 for 1 gallon (I only used about 1/3 of the gallon)
Primer: around $20 for 1 gallon (I only used about 1/5 of the gallon)
Paint brushes: $10

That comes out to under $20!

**You'll have to excuse my cell phone pictures, I forgot to take any with a real camera!

Coat #1
Coat #2

Coat #3


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